Seeing [Emerald] Green

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Emerald green is having a moment. My instagram feed is full of stunning #designinspo using the color. Quite honestly, I’ve been surprised just how much I’ve loved it especially on kitchen cabinets (see my instagram stories for a recent home tours that included them). If you love the color, but you’re not ready to commit in such a permanent way, below are a few ways to incorporate it into your decor more subtly.

emerald green headboard kaylynn kelley real estate

Consider an Emerald Green Headboard like this lovely velvet on seen on Decorpad

Add a touch of the color these classy and regal emerald green throw pillows by HoneyBee Maison Couture.

As inexpensive way to add the trendy color in a more substantial way is with the Liatorp Bookcase from Ikea. I love the idea of a few of these against a wall to create a faux built in look.

emerald green accent chair kaylynn kelley windermere

This stunning emerald green accent chair by Sweetpea & Willow via Melanie Lissack Interiors’ Blog would look sophisticated in an office or formal living room.

What do you think about the color? Is it here to stay or will it be the shag carpet of colors?

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