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Should you rely on Zestimates to value your home?

I'm a mom, wife, podcast junkie & Realtor.  In this blog, we talk about key real estate topics and explore what it means to create a life we love living. 

Hi! I'm Kaylynn 

As someone who spent a significant portion of my career in technology, I have a lot of respect for the role it plays in our lives and how it can influence our decisions. 

While websites like Zillow and Redfin are a quick way to get a sense of your home’s value, they simply can’t replace the expertise and accuracy of an agent.

Think about it this way, is the value of your home just it’s square footage, number of bedrooms and tax data (which primarily drives value algorithms)? Or is the intangibles such as the neighborhood, how the home is situated on the property, the kitchen you’ve just upgraded and way the light fills the living room on a sunny morning?

When I evaluate your home, I combine data, an understanding of the market and a buyers perspective to give you the best analysis of what your home is worth under current market conditions. 

My report will include an analysis of  homes currently for sale and those that have sold within the last 6 months. I will also include information about the neighborhood and other factors that can influence a buyers perspective and value of your property. In addition, I will provide 1-3 value options based on your motivations and needs. 

Interested in getting an accurate assessment of your homes’ value? Shoot me a note and I’ll create a details report for you.

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