Spring Cleaning Must Do’s Inside and Out

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Both the inside and outside of your home could use a good once-over to make it look its best and keep it well-maintained. And that’s why “spring cleaning” and other seasonal prep work should be at the top of your to-do list for the weeks ahead.

You want to fully enjoy your home and yard once some gorgeous days come our way, so take the time to schedule some must-do tasks earlier in the season so you can cross them off your list.

Remember that the time you spend on regular maintenance will help preserve the value of your home and will help prevent everyday “wear and tear” from turning into costly damage. 

The warmer weather can make it a perfect time for some DIY projects. However, seek out an expert for those more difficult clean-up or repair needs.  

Here is a handy list of springtime tasks – some for early spring and some later on in the season — that every homeowner should know about:

Keeping It Cool

The heat will be here before you know it, yes even in Seattle! If you have AC it’s time to get it up and running properly so you can keep your home cool. If not, stuck up on fans before they inevitably sell out.

Central AC Unit. Get your central AC unit serviced now by HVAC professional. A yearly tune-up will keep it running. Keep this unit, which is located outside, clean and free of leaves and debris. Trim any shrubs away from the unit since it needs circulation space.

AC Units. Set up your window unit or wall unit. Make sure you clean it once a month when using it – vacuum dust and dirt around it to prevent clogging, and change the filter. Remember to cover your window unit if you don’t remove it after the season.

Time to Sparkle and Shine 

Let the sun shine in and clean your home from top to bottom. Tackle a few of these tasks each cleaning period so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Remember to always follow your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for any items. 

  • Windows. You want to see clearly the first blooms of spring so wash windows, wipe down sills, and clean screens by vacuuming first and then rinsing with a hose outside. Some of you may want to wait until the yellow pollen season is over to do this or you may need to repeat again.
  • Floors. Wash and polish those hardwood floors after the beating they got from winter boots and wet paws. 
  • Carpets. Hire a professional to clean your carpets thoroughly. This is a good idea if you have pets.
  • Tile. Clean yucky tile grout to make your bathrooms and kitchens shine. If you have ceramic tile, the grout can start to look dirty and stained. An old toothbrush and some vinegar and baking soda are a good start. You can reseal the grout or stain it with new color too. For tiles, give then a deeper clean than usual and reseal if needed.
  • Countertops. You wanted those granite counters when you bought your home. Now’s a good time clean and reseal them if necessary. 
  • Electronics. Wipe down all of your electronic devices from TV and computer screens, printers, keyboards , etc. Use LCD or microfiber cloths to rub away fingerprints and dust.  Look for an electronic recycle center or place to bring your unused cell phones, printers, monitors etc.  

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