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Fall Maintenance

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It’s fall, ya’ll! 🍂 That means it’s time for a quarterly home maintenance check. Trust me—it’s so much more manageable to do these quick quarterly checks than to put home maintenance off and then get hit with costly repairs all at once.

If you’re the Bob Villa type, you probably have your own list, but for the rest of us, here’s a jumpstart:

  1. Test smoke detectors & carbon monoxide alarms. Even if you think they still have life left in them, change the batteries.
  2. Since your grilling-out days are coming to a close (bummer, I know), you’ll be cooking inside more. Go on and declutter, deep clean, and degrease the kitchen—and don’t forget to vacuum behind the fridge.
  3. Your dryer vent is a real fire hazard. Use the wand attachment on your vacuum to get rid of excess lint. If you can’t get it yourself, call a professional.
  4. Check your downspouts after a hard rain to ensure water is flowing away from your house. If not, you may get standing water in your crawlspace.
  5. Winterize your mower and sprinkler system, and cover your patio furniture and grill.
  6. Check roof overhangs and repair holes or cracks where birds, rodents, squirrels, and bats may take refuge from the cold.
  7. Trim shrubs, bushes, and trees one last time before winter paying special attention to limbs growing too close to your house.
  8. Pull up your annuals (they’re gone for good) and mulch around your perennials (so they’ll make an appearance next spring).
  9. Have your HVAC serviced. You don’t want your system stalling out in the middle of winter (or worse—during the holidays).
  10. Evaluate your Halloween and holiday decor and put them somewhere for easy access so you’ll be ready when the mood hits to decorate. 

This is NOT an exhaustive list but WILL help you get started transitioning your home from summer to fall to winter. Got home maintenance question or need a handyman rec? Send me an email!

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