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I'm a mom, wife, podcast junkie & Realtor.  In this blog, we talk about key real estate topics and explore what it means to create a life we love living. 

Hi! I'm Kaylynn 

What’s more personal than your home? Studies have shown its not much! Home is not only necessary for the basic needs of our physical body, but also our spiritual self – don’t worry, I’m not getting religious here. 

So, no wonder emotions can run high when you think about buying a new home or selling your current one. And, it’s also the reason, as a real estate broker and advisor, I believe one of the most important things I do is soothe the nerves of highly stressed and emotional buyers and sellers.  

Call me friend, therapist, sounding board, trusted advisor: the role I play in life of my clients is to soothe their nerves, absorb some (or lots) of the drama, fears, anxieties, and filter them, keeping all parties focused on the mission (and big life dreams) at hand.  Yes, it’s true, the negotiations skills and market knowledge I bring are critically important, but equally critical is my ability to navigate, buffer and filter the emotional aspects of ‘home’ that create the biggest difference for my clients.  

As you head into the fall, know that I am here for you. You may be years away from making a change or actively going to open houses in your dream neighborhood.

Either way, consider me a friend, confident and guide to help you go from where you are to the next chapter in your life…wherever ‘home’ may be.

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