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Moving to Seattle? Here’s what my Clients Say

I'm a mom, wife, podcast junkie & Realtor.  In this blog, we talk about key real estate topics and explore what it means to create a life we love living. 

Hi! I'm Kaylynn 

For these Clients it wasn’t about just finding a house, it was about finding a life in a brand new city. Here’s their story.

“I cannot say enough great things about Kaylynn! We were moving from Las Vegas to Washington and besides a few trips to the PNW, we weren’t exactly sure about what areas were right for us.

She asked us a few questions about ourselves and the areas we thought we might like and immediately set us up to find our home. Since we were still transitioning from Nevada to Washington, we weren’t able to do home tours but she checked the homes on our list and sent detailed videos and voice memos to let us know her complete honest opinion about the home so we could make a decision that was right for us.

It’s a scary thing to move from another state but the entire time I felt like Kaylynn had our backs and was protecting us from making a decision that wasn’t exactly right for us. She responded quickly and was very patient with us, answering all of our questions even when it got to be a lot. This was my first home buying experience and she never made me feel stupid with my questions.

We have now found a home that is absolutely perfect for us and gives our family room to grow.

Thank you so much Kaylynn! I will absolutely shout from the rooftop to anyone looking to buy a house, go to Kaylynn!”

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