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Understanding the Recent Real Estate Commission Settlement

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The recent settlement agreement announced by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has sparked a lot of discussion and confusion in the real estate industry and among consumers.

Let’s break down what it means and clear up some misconceptions.


The settlement resolves litigation surrounding broker compensation, providing a path forward for real estate professionals and stakeholders. It’s important to note that NAR does not set compensation, and they have always been negotiable between brokers and their clients.

Facts First

  • NAR will pay $418 million over four years.
  • Claims against NAR, nearly every member, and other industry players will be resolved.
  • Cooperative compensation remains an option for consumers, though offers of compensation must occur off the MLS.
  • There are new rules regarding communication of compensation through the MLS and written agreements with buyers.

Changes in Business Practices

The settlement mandates two key changes:

  1. Offers of compensation cannot be communicated via the MLS.
  2. MLS participants working with buyers must enter into written agreements before home tours.

While adjustments may be needed, the settlement aims to benefit the industry and consumers. Our hope is that it elevates the industry and professional standards we hold ourselves.

Our team remains focused on providing our clients with the best guidance and tools to so they can make the best decisions for their specific situation and, ultimately, live a life they love in a home and community they love.

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